md5 and reverse md5 calculator

A small web project by Dany Shaanan.   v0.1.1

String to md5:

md5('') =

md5 to string:

reverse_md5('') =


This is a small project I've created mainly for educational purposes. In the core of it is a database containing a table of strings and their md5 sums. The user can either search if an md5 sum is listed in the table, and if so, receive its source string, or just input a string and get its md5 sum. When that happens, the string and its md5 sum are added to the database, thus expanding it with likely strings. This is not new or very complex, but it's a nice usage example for MySQL, Nodejs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and Python.

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The client calculates md5 sums using Paul Johnston's md5 implementation in JavaScript.

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